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Creating Karma

A few days ago I was sitting at an airport bar enjoying some unhealthy food and watching football while waiting for my flight. A woman next to me suddenly entered panic mode when she realized her delayed flight was now back on schedule. She was not prepared for the change.

If you have ever spent any time in an airport restaurant you know they do not always have the urgency needed when your flight is boarding. This lady was trying to pay her bill and needed to quickly get to her gate. Understanding her fear of missing her flight, I said "I've got your bill, go catch your plane". She was incredibly appreciative and off she went.

The woman a few seats down said, "way to go, creating karma". I gave her a positive nod and we were done. As I sat on the plane during my flight I kept thinking about her comment, "creating karma".

I did not make the decision to create karma. I only did what helped her out. I would hope someone would do the same for me. But, herein lies the question. How would our lives be if we all focused on "creating karma"?

I believe that all good deeds are rewarded. While they are not always returned as quickly as we might hope, I do believe it all comes back to us. So, if you agree with me that all good deeds are returned, why do we not do it more often?

My opinion is that we are so focused on the goings on in our own lives that we don't pay near enough attention to those around us. Imagine a world where everyone was more concerned with others than themselves. Can you? I think I can! I believe in humanity. I believe that most people are good. I believe that the intentions of others are pure, but often lost in the mess that is our day to day lives. I think we can all do better.

So, today, let's all go create karma! Let's create karma and be confident that all good deeds are rewarded. You will be better for it, and so will those around you!

Swagger On friends!

Written by Derron Steenbergen, President of the Swagger Institute

The Swagger Institute is a full service business consulting company specializing in sales and leadership training, motivational speaking, customer service training and organizational development.

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