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Too many people are sleeping through life being “luke warm”. My goal is to ignite you, inspiring you to chase a greater life.

Motivational Speaking

Motivational Speaking & Consulting


Too many people are sleeping through life being “luke warm”. My goal is to ignite you, inspiring you to chase a greater life.

Meet Derron

Derron Steenbergen is the President and Founder of the Swagger Institute. The Swagger Institute specializes in sales and leadership training, motivational speaking and business and nonprofit consulting. Derron is the founder and partner of The Ten Minute Trainer Network, the industry’s leader in broadcast training.

Derron is a true champion for the power of broadcasting. His experience and leadership is quickly making him our industry’s best sales team teacher. Derron uses an uptempo, practical approach to sales training which resonates with marketing consultants and shows immediate, positive returns. Derron sincerely cares about his audience’s success and if you don’t make money after experiencing Derron … you aren’t working.

Peter Tanz

-President, Midwest Communication

Having worked with Krista on local government grant funded projects, I found her work to be both professional and detail oriented.  She researched all aspects prior to presentation and assistance.  She followed through each process from the beginning to the end.  She is very knowledgeable in many areas and engages all available resources to see each project  come to fruition.

Sherry Jones

-Barren County Fiscal Court Clerk

Thank you very much for your Rising Above a Distracted, Overwhelmed Salesforce presentation at ABA.  You truly are a modern day Zig Ziglar! Thanks again!

Doug Brewer

-Brewer Communications Systems

It wasn’t until my sales team met Derron that they truly learned the art of selling and became passionate about it.


Frank DiMauro

-President SNJ Today

Derron delivered a successful training event for our regional leadership team with one of my GM’s saying he thought Derron was every bit as good as Tony Robbins

Chris Bloomfield


After years of various in-house selling and marketing experience, I made the jump into outside sales.  I had never done outside sales and had not clue one on how to do a thing.  Needless to say, the struggle was real.  Then, in about my sixth month of selling, our state professional association brought Derron Steenbergen to town, and everything changed for me.  Although I was such a green rookie, I was able to pick up a couple of pointers that literally set me on a trajectory that could otherwise never have happened.  But that's not all.  Recently, in my 4th year of sales, our state association brought Derron back again.  And guess what?  Once again, I learned things that I've been able to put into practical everyday use and have become an even more effective sales person.  I try to watch the 'Ten Minute Trainer' as often as I can; there is always something practical and good to take away from literally every episode.  I consider Derron to be the Joel Osteen of sales training:  He's able to provide core teaching of essential principles in a very relatable and easy to understand way.  And best of all, Derron is for real.  No fake it till you make it stuff.  He tells it like it is; and helps you remember how to practically overcome even the toughest situations and questions.  I highly recommend Derron Steenbergen as a sales trainer for anything you are considering putting together for your team.

Laura Sukey

-DigIo Strategies

Derron, in partnership with Speed Marriot of P1 Learning is the founder of the Ten Minute Trainer. In this app you'll find a curated collection of 10-minute or less training and motivational videos designed to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule.

With a diverse range of topics, there's something for everyone. Ten Minute Trainer Network is your growth ally, committed to empowering you, one lesson at a time, no matter your location or schedule.

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