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You Can Always Start Over

Seriously!!?  I had an amazing year end break in my most favorite spot on the planet with my most favorite people on the planet!  I came home ready to kill it!  I spent the entire day Sunday prepping for work, preparing my meals for the week, getting ALL the things done!  I was going to be a rock star on Monday!  2020 is my YEAR. Until it all fell apart by 7:15 am on Monday, January 6.  

I needed to be at work on time for training the first day back and my keys were locked in my car with it running!  How does that even happen anymore??  Anyway, my sweet husband brought me his car and got it all figured out so I didn't look like a slacker at work.  However, the Monday hits just kept coming.  My plan was to write my first blog post on Monday night, but by the time we made a trip to the gym, did all of the teenager's running and finished dinner, there was nothing left.  NOTHING! Well, that's not true.  I thought about publishing a string of expletives, but decided that wouldn't help anyone.

I woke up this morning ready to write something positive and uplifting and then realized that ignoring a bad day and pretending they never happened is just as bad as a string of expletives.  It helps no one.  When you only see the great things going on in someone's life, you sometimes decide that you are not measuring up. Stop that!  Someone said that "comparison is the thief of joy." It is so true!  Love yourself, love what you have and are and don't worry about what anyone else out there is up to.  You have a purpose and you should only be worried about that.

We all have days that beat us up.  The old me would have said,"This just isn't meant to be.  I am going to embarrass myself.  Let's just forget about the whole thing."  I literally would have written off the whole year, maybe even the decade!  My biggest lesson of 2019 is that you can ALWAYS start over.  always. I won't even remember January 6 by December when I am reassessing my year.  I am still going to kill it.  I refuse to let one bad day become a whole string of them.  How do you combat or shake off a bad day?

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