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Unexpected Blessings from Disappointment

For Christmas this year Derron got my three daughters and I appointments at a swanky spa!  So fun and exciting!  Not JUST getting your nails done, but also a rooftop garden with an ocean view, a hot tub, sauna, champagne, fruit infused water, etc.!  This was not just a nail salon and we had all been looking so forward to it!

I took the last appointment so I spent the afternoon in the sauna, hot tub and on the roof.  It was fabulous! When it was finally time for my nails, she looked at them and said, “We are a natural spa, we don’t do dip.  I could try, but it would look awful.”  Who wants their nails to look awful??!  So, I said we would just do the pedicure and I would go somewhere else for my nails.  I was SOOO disappointed, but when you have spent a day like I had, it was just whatever.  So, my grown out, red nails would have to wait a day or two. No big deal.

The next morning, we were headed to the beach and I was in a hurry to grab something and hit one of my nails on the wall.  It broke completely off!  If I had had my nails done the day before, I probably would have cried.  It looked so bad!  Since I hadn’t been able to get them done, it was fine!  I got it all fixed the next day. 

This is a very trivial example of something that happens to all of us. Have you ever wanted something so bad and thought it was absolutely what was best for you and been denied that thing?  It might have been a job opportunity, a trip, a new living situation or any number of things.  Now be honest, did you end up being better off having been denied?  God rarely closes a door without opening another one, usually a better one. 

It is ok to be upset and go through all of the emotions, but don’t let the disappointment define you.  Make sure you get up and start working toward the next opportunity!  I believe that God has something amazing in store for all of us!


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