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The Unexpected Benefit of Taking Care of Me

I spent many years just getting through. You all probably know the drill. Busy family with three kids in activities, full time demanding job, volunteer work at church, school or wherever you can make a difference. A household is as much work as a full-fledged business at times! I got it done. I took it day by day for so many years. It is rewarding stuff, but so tiring! My husband and I did a pretty good job of making sure we took time for us, but we didn’t necessarily take care of us. I know there is not a great deal of time, and when there is, we need a nap or I have a great book I want to read. 

However, in the past couple of years, I have started doing more planning for our meals. I know this is not rocket science, but going through a drive thru just seemed easier. I looked up one day and I was totally devoid of energy. I had aches and pains that kept me from exercising or sometimes even fully participating in family activities. That’s no good. Mom needs to be able to keep up! In addition, I didn’t have the confidence I once had for anything. I just didn’t feel good. So I started eating whole foods. For a while, I planned my meals, but my family didn’t participate and I watched them eat out even more. That made me feel even worse. Was I driving my family to be even more unhealthy because I wanted to look better? I know. I know. Mom guilt is real!

I did some research on Pinterest (finally found a use for it besides making me feel inadequate!) I found all kinds of easy recipes with the ingredients I wanted to use. It was so easy! I started putting simple recipes in my crockpot and when we got home in the afternoons, dinner was served! Some were good. Some were not, but my family participated! My husband and the daughter who is still at home started becoming some of the healthiest people I know! They started requesting some of the meals I made. I have a clean sloppy joe recipe that gets requested about every week! You can never go wrong with a roast and vegetables in the crockpot, and sometimes that lasts a couple of days. It does take some time on the Sunday afternoons that I plan, but it is so worth it. Especially when I watch the people I love join in. It’s fun to see my daughter question her choices and want to be more natural and healthy. Sometimes she even questions my choices and I don’t always enjoy that! 

Don’t wait until you are in your late forties like I did. I raised children on fast food and processed lunchmeat and those things have their place. Not all days are smooth sailing, but it is easy to fall into a rush every day. My favorite part of being more intentional about my nutrition isn’t about me at all. I have more energy. I feel like a million bucks! I don’t have the aches and pains I once did. So many internal benefits, but I love watching my family naturally join in and even enjoy being a part of this journey. Never doubt the influence you have. Start young and It could become a habit for your whole family to be healthy!


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