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Stop Comparing Your Life!

Stop Comparing Your Life to Someone Else's Highlight Reel

We have all been told that the women on the front of fashion magazines are air brushed. No one can look that perfect. Now, we have the equivalent of airbrushing on social media in filters and they are readily available to our neighbors, co workers and friends.  I don’t use filters, mainly because I am old and I can’t figure out how! I also want to be honest with people. I am not going to go on social media and lament my aching back and feet or all of the money I spend on my teenager. I am going to post my vacation pictures and my view at the lake. I will, however, post those pictures with my wrinkles, cellulite and sometimes messy hair! That is who I am. I have earned those things and I shall flaunt them! I am also a private person who likes to lift up others so I will not talk about my issues and problems with social media world!

Many of us get so caught up in other’s lives that we become discontented with our own. It is easy to look at someone else’s vacation pictures and decide, “I never go anywhere! I wish I was more like her!” What you might not know is that she lost a child last year or she is spending most of her time taking care of her mother with Alzheimer’s disease. I heard my 17-year-old talking about filters the other day and I thought WHAT??! Who isn’t beautiful at 17? I cannot imagine a filter that can make 17-year-old skin look more beautiful than it already is, or those long, beautiful legs more graceful than they are in real life. 

I took her shopping for clothes to wear in a photo shoot and she was SOOO excited about her purchases she was about to explode. After perusing social media and talking with some of her friends, suddenly, she wasn’t sure if any of it was right. This crazy confident girl from a week ago suddenly did not like anything about herself. Why do we do that??

God gave you this one big, beautiful life and it’s not perfect, but one of my favorite quotes is, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” It so is. If you could drill into someone else’s life, I bet you would find out how great yours is. If you have trouble stopping the comparisons, take time away from social media. Be content and if you feel the discontent creeping in, count your blessings or bless someone who needs it. I truly cannot imagine that God wants you to discount the blessings he has given you because he gave someone else a different set. Enjoy your peace and blessings. 


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