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Stop Comparing Your Life!

Self Care is Not Selfish

As we head into a long weekend, let’s talk about self-care. How many times do we as women take care of what everyone else needs before we do anything for ourselves? All. The. Time. Life is busy. Our children are in a million different activities and we are now in a pandemic. We’re probably doing more of our own cleaning, cooking more, all of those fun things we love to hate.

We probably have full time jobs, maybe homework or special needs children who need us at times when we are not expecting it. I spent many years where I couldn’t even go to the bathroom without seeing little fingers slide under the door! Some of us have parents who need special care. We do all the things, but we put off what fills us up. We think maybe I’ll do that tomorrow or next week. Spoiler alert: tomorrow never comes. We need to schedule our self-care!

Have you ever filled up a pitcher and then filled up glasses with it? You only have so much water right? What if you put those glasses in the sink and set the pitcher on top of them, then turned the faucet on and just let it run? The pitcher stays full and what runs over the top, fills the glasses. That is how self-care works. If you take the time to take care of yourself, you have so much more for your friends and family! Fill yourself up and you will be running over with the good stuff for everyone else!

I know there are only so many hours in the day, but you have to schedule it just like you would anything else because it is important. You know what you need. Declare this month Self Care September! Take a bubble bath, write your dreams in a journal, exercise, meal prep, read a good book or take a nap. I have a group of girlfriends that meet up once a week and I leave that meeting with a new lease on life! Just a good laugh with girlfriends is amazing self-care. My workouts are not negotiable! They keep me sane. In September, I will pick the meal prep back up. When I feel good, my family gets the best of me. 

Take care of yourselves friends, it is only a matter of time before you run out of steam and everyone loses then! It is not a bad thing to fill yourself up. Laugh, read, move, do more of what gives you life because we only have a so many days on earth!


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