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Every Sunday afternoon, I make a plan for the week. It used to be meal prep time, but since the quarantine/pandemic days of summer, it is most likely just knowing that we have what we need to stay on track for the week.

My plan keeps me on track some weeks, all week long, but some weeks it keeps me on track for about 3.6 hours before I give in to a Hardee’s craving or have a Diet Coke! Let’s be real. I know some of y’all have all kinds of will power, but I spent a lot of years being able to grab a Diet Coke and some fast food for breakfast with little consequence. That is no longer the case.

I have an app with a daily workout and a meal plan and last week I still couldn’t make it work. Last week was a doozy and I just could not get it together. I planned on Sunday and it fell apart about Tuesday. It happens.

My husband was out of town and my middle daughter finally got her first grown up job! That was exciting, but all of a sudden, I found myself moving not one, but two of my daughters to another town. It’s not far away, but I have sure gotten used to having them at my house a good bit of the time. Not only was I suddenly moving heavy furniture, but I was sad. I probably won’t be able to see them every day. I had not even thought of that! And the hits just kept coming. I cried a truckload of tears and did things my husband typically takes care of. It was exhausting and I felt wrung out much of the week. It was just one of those weeks!

At the same time, I felt incredibly blessed. All these beautiful things are happening for my family! 

My family gave me the time and grace to recover. I gave myself grace to take a week off. Sometimes we can only do what we can do. We all have those weeks, but what does this have to do with Mondays? Mondays are when I start over. I don’t just give myself a clean slate on January 1st, I give myself a clean slate EVERY Monday, no matter what happened the week before. 

Sometimes our week beats us up so bad that it changes our entire mindset. I have weeks when I may not follow the meal plan, but for the past year and a half, my workouts have been a non-negotiable. When I got up this morning I kept thinking, do I even want to do that workout or just skip it again? My mindset had already shifted to doing what was easiest instead of what I knew would make me a better version of myself. 

You see, had I not been doing those workouts and eating the whole foods I have been eating, I would not have been able to lift and carry the furniture I had to move last week. I was strong and clear headed. I was ridiculously tired and wrung out, but I did it all! I did not have to watch while someone else did it. I was able to be what my family needed me to be. 

That is why I love Mondays. I am prepping my meals for this week as I type this. I gave myself grace last week, but it is time to get back to where I need to be. If you have gotten off track, make Monday your new beginning! Always give yourself grace because, life happens! I am counting last week as a win because I was able to be what my family needed me to be. So instead of just walking away, I am going to make tomorrow my new beginning! This is why I. Love. Mondays.


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