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Hustle with a side of Grace

I have spent the past couple of years “cleaning up my act,” internally and externally. I kept hearing about the chemicals I was using in my home and medicines and feared that I was killing my family, but that is a post for another day. The biggest shift in my mindset came about a year ago.

How many of you have decided to do something and just went all in! No learning anything or easing into the process, just full speed ahead, and how did that work for ya?  I have always been a hustler.  I was all in or nothing!  Most of the time, that resulted in a big fat nothing.

I have tried all kinds of fitness and nutrition programs. ALL KINDS! I recently discovered FASTer Way to Fat Loss and an incredible coach, Angie Rush! Since I reached a certain age (none of your business what that age is!), I have struggled to have the energy I need to get it all done and feel good doing it. My mindset was ridiculous. I truly was putting lots of pressure on myself to be perfect! Who among us is perfect?? However, whenever I got excited and had a slice of cheesecake, I would start this downhill slide because, clearly I don’t deserve to feel good if I would allow myself cheesecake. WHAT??! Cheesecake is amazing. Lots of things are! I like to be the best and I was focusing on perfection. Really?? Do I even pay attention to my Bible or just look at it? I was working toward an unattainable goal!

Then I found the FASTer Way and met Angie. I would downgrade myself because I didn’t have time to do the workout and she would say ,”Give yourself some grace!” I noticed the other women in the group doing the same thing and her response was always, “Give yourself some grace, progress over perfection.” That one phrase gave me the mindset to keep going, to do better the next day. Twelve weeks into the program, I was down 17 pounds and 21 inches. My biggest victory is the energy I have to keep up with my family! They are growing up and moving out and I don’t want to miss a single thing!  

I recently had a conversation with a mom at my daughter’s dance recital. She told me I looked great and said that she had signed up for the program, but failed. She used the word FAILED! This woman is an amazing public school teacher and is raising two wonderful children of her own. What did she fail at?? She is literally incredible! She is taking care of other people’s children and working her butt off every day. and then going home and shaping the lives of her own children. She is a saint! I think as women we tend to either be the best, or consider ourselves a failure. That has to stop! You can make progress without perfection. Don’t try to make yourself a new person in all areas in one fail swoop! Make small changes and take progress over perfection. 

I am still a hustler. I like to be the best, and I will always be a hustler, but my new motto is “Hustle with a side of grace!” We don’t expect anyone else to be perfect so we need to cut ourselves some slack! I would never expect perfection from a friend and I certainly would never tell a friend the lies I tell myself about my inadequacies. Whatever it is you are dreaming of, do it! Don’t wait. Perfection is unattainable and you will always find yourself back where you started if you expect to be perfect. What is your “Hustle with a side of Grace?”

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