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Find Your Inner Child and Don’t Lose Her

I recently had the privilege of traveling to the Dominican Republic.  What a beautiful place and an all-inclusive resort allows you to just vacation in a way that others do not.  You have paid for the trip and you don’t have to be responsible with food and drinks and spend your time worrying about the budget.

In addition to being in the Dominican, I was with my cousin.  Our cousins are our first friends and as such, I spent a LOT of time at my Aunt Marcie’s house growing up and playing outside all day and night! Being with Michele made me feel like that child again.  The one who climbed trees and ran through sprinklers. The one who ran over the garage with the go-cart and played Spotlight for hours on end after dark.  I loved that girl.  She NEVER thought about the budget.  She NEVER thought about whether she would look fat in pictures and she NEVER said no to something fun, even when she might get hurt or gain a pound or two. 

I love to spend time relaxing on the beach, and I could do it forever.  However, when in a new place, I like to experience all it has to offer, and so does my traveling companion!  We had the best time! We went on a couple of excursions and I think I laughed more than I have laughed in years!  One of our excursions was an adventure day.  We were horseback riding, ziplining, free falling and dune buggy driving! How fun does that sound? However, there was a photographer there.  I had no control over the poses and I might be scared and not make sure I’m sitting up straight.  I was panicked.  What if I had huge fat rolls in the picture or my double chins were showing? I wanted proof that I had actually done these fun things, but I might not want anyone to see the pictures! That is literally all I could think about!  Really??!  Why?

I have gained a little weight the past few years, ok a lot of weight and it is literally all I was thinking about.  How many of us as mothers carry the camera or phone and are never in the family adventure pictures?  Have you thought about this through your children’s eyes OR your daughter’s eyes. I promise, all your kids want is for you to get in your swimsuit and play with them!  How will your children feel if something happens to you and they can’t find very many recent pictures of you, or any at all because you hated how you looked.  What are you teaching your daughter when this is your focus?  Will she spend her life focused on the 10 pounds she “needs” to lose?

I have spent my entire life since high school worried that I need to lose 10 pounds.  I have tried crazy diets and done a 3-day cleanse.  I have tried it all. I want to be healthy, but if there is an unhealthy way to lose weight quickly, I am here for it.  When I really think about it my body deserves better.  It has carried three amazing girls who are more awesome than I can even imagine.  It has stayed up all night to take care of babies.  It has carried an enormous amount of food into my house and furniture into new homes and apartments.  It takes care of me and allows me to do what I want to do.  I will not let my body down.  I will be strong enough to have an enormous amount of fun with my family and I will keep in contact with my inner child! 

During that day of adventure in the Dominican, I vowed, this will NOT be my focus any longer.  I had a crazy good time and found my inner child.  I ziplined for days and it was exhilarating!  Life happens.  You might gain or lose a few pounds as a result of that. Who cares?  If you miss out on life because you are focused on that 10 pounds you need to lose, you are missing out on life.  Why would you do that?  Eat your birthday cake, go ziplining, laugh until you pee in your pants, jump in the pool even though it means rewashing your hair and NEVER stop being that child.  Show your family how to live and enjoy.  Isn’t that all you want for them too?

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Apr 10

Hey, Krista! I loved this read. Honestly, I opened because we just visited the same place, but I had no idea it was going to be about something I thought about the entire time, too! Every time I was sitting in that lounge chair, all casual, I would notice my belly. My grandma's belly! Leslie and I have always blamed Grandma for it anyway, but still. I could.not.stop noticing my belly. In pictures. when enjoying my pina coladas. when just enjoying the relaxation. I agree with you. We must do better for ourselves! Our bodies are gifts.

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