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Don't Wait

As busy adults with children, jobs, volunteer work, etc. we oftentimes think about “doing our thing” someday. Someday might be when the kids are grown, when we have more energy, when our spouse isn’t going through x, etc. I waited until I was 48 years old to start taking care of myself. I have had spurts of working out, eating right, but I never truly made it my lifestyle, until last year. 

For you it might be learning a foreign language, writing a book, teaching some kind of class, running a marathon, having a baby or just getting some quality sleep. Do the thing. We are not promised tomorrow. What you make time for is what is important to you. You can’t take care of anyone else if you always feel deprived or are not taking care of yourself. 

Some of us are worried about what others will think. If we fail, others are watching us reach for the stars! If we succeed, we are showing others what they can accomplish if they just decide to! More than likely, people are so absorbed with their own issues that they haven’t noticed what you are doing anyway.  

Make sure you are carving out time to fulfill your needs and desires. Life waits for no one and this could be your last day, month, year. Be the example that those around you need to see by going for it!  Live your purpose now, not tomorrow or someday. Eat the cake, run the marathon or just say I Love You more often. You won’t regret it, ever.


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