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Don't Tear Each Other Down

OK Ladies. We have got to do a better job of cheering each other on! Men are no longer holding us back, we are pushing each other down because we are convinced that putting each other down publicly makes us seem higher. That, my friends, is not how it works.

Zig Ziglar said, “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” Wow. Why do we not understand that just because someone else has a success, it doesn’t mean there isn’t one for us.

I am a huge Rachel and Dave Hollis fan. I was a Rachel fan before I really knew Dave. Their announcement last week that they were getting a divorce broke my heart. I am not going to lie. I don’t even know them really and I was upset for them. However, I was really upset when I started reading the comments. Girls, do you really think because Rachel is a talented female who has enjoyed an immense amount of success that it must be her fault? Do you really believe that Dave is surpassing her and she couldn’t take it?? What even? All throughout the comments, women were tearing her down. Some of them were even singing Dave’s praises in the same comment. People, they have been working toward the same goal!! You don’t have to pick a side, but you do have to lift a fellow female up! Her success is your success!

She has been an amazing female voice in a mostly male arena and she has soared higher than most of us can even imagine. Her success has buoyed many of us to do more than we would have, to strive to be better humans. She has helped many of us get what we want by giving us the tools and the confidence to reach farther! Now she needs her sisters to lift her up and make sure her business stays intact!

I get the disappointment and feeling like they portrayed something they were not, but we have no business knowing what goes on in their off time. The reality is that she has helped a lot of people, and as soon as she wasn’t perfect, these women saw fit to attack. Did it make you feel better to blame her for your shortcomings? I am guessing not. 

When a sister has a success, we should be jumping for joy and cheering for her, not criticizing her marriage, outfit, hair or attitude. As a female, every time you criticize a successful woman, you set yourself back too. The only way women take over is by doing it together. 

This is what is happening in our workplaces, friend groups and even in our virtual friend groups. We are disappointed in our own lives so we are ready to pounce as soon as a successful female shows herself to not be perfect. You don’t see men attacking each other this way. There is enough success to go around. Cheer for your friends’ successes! Pray for them when things aren’t so great and give them a word of encouragement and help when they need it! The reality is, when one woman enjoys some success, she is possibly paving the way for the next woman. Be the paver, the bridge builder and not the enemy.

The world is hard enough without us pouncing on someone’s shortcomings. Let’s build up each other’s strengths and make sure we are cheering each other on. Be bold, but also be supportive. Whether a woman is your friend, your boss or someone you follow on social media, how about a quick message about what they are doing right for once. There is enough success to go around. Let’s be honest, with women working together like this, we can run the world!


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