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To Sell More, Stop Selling...

Perhaps I have lost my mind! You might be asking yourself how in the world can this crazy trainer think someone can sell more when they stop selling. Well, here's how...

Experience has shown me that way too many salespeople spend too much time trying to peddle their own product and forget to focus on the needs of the client. If we will begin to seek instead of sell we will be much better positioned to do business. So when I say to stop selling, I am actually suggesting that you start seeking.

There have been many, many people over the years much smarter than me who have believed that to be successful in sales you must always be selling. This has been a huge part of the history of sales, and especially in retail. "Always Be Selling" quickly transitioned to "Always Be Closing". Now, please understand, I am not suggesting that effective closing skills are not important. All phases of the sales process are vital to success, but it is my belief that the "high pressure" tactic of yesterday will not serve us well in the days and years to come.

When you seek first to find what it is the buyer is needing/trying to accomplish, the "selling" begins to be easier. There is too much competition in every industry product category for salespeople to just "sell".

Now, let me give you hope for greater success. Most salespeople are peddlers. They spend more time talking about their product or service than they do listening to what the client desires. Therefore, it's much simpler to stand out as a seeker than a seller. Your clients will notice the difference, and you will be viewed differently than the "peddlers" of the past. You will also be viewed more favorably than your current competition.

Sales is tough, but salespeople are tough too! Give my theory a try and feel free to prove me wrong. Be a seeker and not a seller and I predict more deals will follow.

Written by Derron Steenbergen, President of The Swagger Institute.

The Swagger Institute is a full service business development company specializing in sales training, motivational speaking and organizational consulting.

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