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It's Time to Add SPF to Our Business Meetings

With warmer weather and the recognized kickoff to summer here, many of you will be spending more time outdoors enjoying the sunshine. With the sunshine comes sunburn if we forget our SPF. Sunscreen with SPF will be a necessary addition for every venture outside. SPF protects us from the harmful damage of too much sun. I suggest we all add SPF to our meetings this summer, perhaps even all year. I know, I know, you are thinking I have lost it. I am not proposing we all walk into our meetings at work with suntan lotion on our noses, but I do think we need another version of SPF. Let’s begin having SPF meetings. What is an SPF meeting?

It's a meeting where no one brings a phone. Smart Phone Free meetings will almost guarantee to protect us from harmful distractions. It just might allow more dialogue and conversation. We may even find that it promotes more dynamic creativity. It is quite possible that it will take useless meetings and turn them into productive events. Make sure you pack the SPF on your next trip to the lake, golf course, picnic........and meeting at work. Enjoy your Summer, and Swagger On!

The Swagger Institute is a full service business development company specializing in sales and leadership training, motivational speaking and organizational consulting.

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