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Winter.....The Best Time of Year for Salespeople!

Most people will tell you that spring, summer or fall is their favorite time of year. However, top salespeople know winter is money time. Winter separates the highly successful salespeople and those who have mediocre careers.

So, why is winter money time for salespeople? Our clients are not playing golf. They are not fishing or working outside. They are in their businesses waiting for us as salespeople to come and engage them. Winter is the best time of year to forge deeper relationships with decision makers. It's the best time of year to get our clients to spend more time with us.

But, there is a BIG problem with this concept! The problem will be your excuses. You see, it is cold outside. The weather is nasty. It's tough getting in and out of the car this time of year. Your excuses can be the problem that keeps you from taking advantage of the opportunity of the season. Way too many salespeople will convince themselves that no one will want to see them this time of year. Way too many will opt for the warmth of the office. They will find too many reasons to stay inside. They will also miss the opportunity to stand out above the competition.

Here's the challenge. Embrace the cold! Embrace the nasty weather! Recognize that there will not be a better opportunity all year to get to your clients and to also get their time and attention. Do an annual business review with each of your accounts. Follow up with a hand written thank you note expressing your appreciation of their business and their time. By doing this you will separate yourself from all the other salespeople who succumb to their excuses.

Farmers till the ground to plant the seed to later reap the rewards of the harvest. Winter for salespeople is the time to till the ground. If you will meet the opportunity of this season head on, you will spend the rest of the year enjoying the fruits of your harvest.

Remember, in sales, put the client first and always find your Swagger!

Written by Derron Steenbergen, President of the Swagger Institute

The Swagger Institute is a full service business development company offering sales and leadership training, motivational speaking and organizational consulting.

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