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Are You Using the 6 Most Powerful Words in Sales?

There are six words when put together and used properly that will change your career and cause your closing ratio to skyrocket. Now, these six words separately are nothing special, just simple words. However, when you put them together and use them properly, they become powerful!

The six most powerful words in sales are "Based on what you told me". So, you may be asking why these words are significant. If you are selling anything without using them you are peddling. You are selling something because you have a product or service you need to move. However, when you begin any presentation with these words you are establishing with the client that you have listened to them and understand what they are trying to accomplish. You are making it about them and their business and not about you.

If you walked into a beauty salon or barber shop and they immediately started cutting your hair when you sat down in the chair you would think they were crazy. We all expect them to ask us what we want done or how we want our hair cut. We do not expect them to just start whacking away without finding out what we want done.

Let's imagine you went out to eat at your favorite restaurant. What would you think if the server brought you a plate a food before you ever ordered? You would more than likely take issue with them bringing you food without knowing what you even wanted.

Each and every time we try and sell someone something without saying "based on what you told me" here's what I recommend, you are only trying to fill your own need and are less concerned about the needs of the client.

It's easy to say the words. The hard part is getting in a position to use these powerful words. To use them you must first focus on finding out what the client needs or is trying to accomplish. Once you have met with them and found out what they are trying to do, you are now equipped to make a recommendation that is truly based on what they told you.

So, why does this work? It works because you are showing the client you are concerned about them and their business and you want to find a way to help. You are not just selling something. You are offering a solution to one of their needs or problems. It also works because the majority of sellers are less focused on connecting with the business owner or decision maker and more concerned about hitting a quota. When we put the needs of the client before our own needs we will be viewed differently and have more success. Ultimately, clients buy when they feel like we understand what they are trying to accomplish and not when we are simply trying to make them understand how great we are or our product is.

Start focusing on getting in a position to deliver the six most powerful words in sales and I am confident you will find deeper relationships with your clients and ultimately a more successful career. Remember, in sales, put the client first and always find your swagger!

Written by Derron Steenbergen, President of Swagger Institute

The Swagger Institute is a business consulting company specializing in sales training, motivational speaking and orginizational development

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