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Urgent Message for All Owners, CEOs, GM's and Sales Managers

If you have anyone who works for you who supervises others themselves, this is for you. It is time we start encouraging the encouragers. Owners and CEO's must, above all else, encourage the managers who are below them on the chain of command. Often we focus on all the things that need improving and fail to effectively motivate through encouragement. There is nothing more powerful than a kind, positive and encouraging word from a boss, employer or supervisor. We live in a world where we often know what people are against more than what they support. Even silence from a superior is viewed negatively and counterproductive to the overall goal of the team. If we expect our leadership to be full of positive energy and set the example for others, we must consistently fill their personal tank with plenty of positive fuel. It is easy to get so caught up in the chaos of our businesses that we fail to pay attention to the very people who make it all go. The challenge today is to provide the positive energy to our key people that we want them to provide to others.

Encourage the encouragers and see the difference in you both!

Written by Derron Steenbergen, President of Swagger Institute

Swagger Institute is a full service business development company offering sales and leadership training, motivational speaking and organizational consulting.

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