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Swagger On!

Aim higher, reach further

Our core mission is to teach, coach, inspire, and motivate individuals to reach their full potential. From motivational speaking, sales and leadership training, business consulting, to fundraising, our goal is to help you achieve your highest potential and ignite your personal fulfillment.  

Unlocking Potential

Teaching, coaching, inspiring, and motivating every step of the way.

The effectiveness of motivational speaking, sales and leadership training, and all forms of speaking/training hinges on the seamless fusion of exceptional content with a positive, energetic delivery, and this is precisely what we specialize in – engaging, high-energy presentations that actively involve the audience.

Golden Rule Fundraising

Golden Rule Fundraising is an extended service offered by The Swagger Institute under the direction of Krista Steenbergen. Krista studied at the Lilly School of Philanthropy in the Fundraising Management Program. She brings 25 plus years of professional grant writing and fundraising experience, in addition to Grant Writing for Professionals certification. Krista is also on the faculty for the nonprofit certificate at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Golden Rule will not only help you obtain funding but also help ensure it is administered properly and used to its full potential. Our mission is to empower nonprofits in achieving their fundraising objectives through our expertise in major gift fundraising, grant writing, and staff evaluation and training. We are committed to conducting all our activities with integrity and transparency, and we dedicate
ourselves to working diligently to surpass industry standards.

The Ten Minute Trainer Network

Elevate your personal and professional development with our on-the-go video platform, offering short, impactful content through pre-recorded and live-streamed videos, available for offline viewing via our mobile app.

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