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We have a 2021 Planner! 

Swagger sales planner available now for 2021! Success in sales starts with having a plan and keeping yourself motivated. This tool can help you do both, while planning your week to be efficient and effective. A planner with a road map to make Monday's matter in order to have a successful week! This planner includes a calendar for each month of the year, a place for notes on the side, a larger place for the plans for each day, a To Do list for each day, and a motivational quote from Derron and other awesome people for each week!

swagger planner 2.JPG

To the right is the larger space to organize

your plans for each day, the To Do list, and in the upper right hand corner of the picture there is a motivational quote. Below is the back page of the calendar which includes a full calendar of next year.

swagger planner 1.JPG

Above is the front cover of the planner and to the left is the calendar for each month of the year. 

Swagger planner 3.JPG
Swagger planner 4.JPG

Click the link below or any of the above pictures to buy one today!

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